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Outline of Training Courses

As well as providing the training courses outlined below, we develop bespoke training for clients, and customise courses to match the requirements, experience and skills of in-house developers. The training can be provided on- or off-site, in one block or over a period of time.

Our Java instructors are experts in their fields, with a vast depth and breadth of Java and Object-Oriented knowledge and techniques. This allows us provide fast and accurate responses to client requests and requirements. They are also working developers, whose experience allows us to relate training courses to real-world problems, and to ensure that attendees pick up real and useful knowledge.

As a result of using these tools and techniques extensively on projects, we have developed comprehensive training courses in the following subjects :

Struts Training - The Jakarta Struts framework facilitates the development of applications architectures based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm, and is a de facto standard for web-application frameworks. Our training course provides all the practical skills required to build a Struts-based web application.

JUnit - The JUnit testing framework is the de facto standard unit testing API for Java development. A hands-on course, it sets the theoretical background first, then builds upon it to provide extensive practical knowledge to build effective testing frameworks.

Ant Training - Jakarta Ant is the most widely used build tool for Java projects. Our training course provides attendees with the skills and knowledge required to make use of Ant.

Log4J Training - The Log4J logging framework, a Jakarta open source project, has become one of the most widely used Java logging tools. This practical, hands-on course, gives attendees the skills and knowledge required to make effective use of logging in Java development.

We also provide follow-on support to all of our training courses - if you have any questions in any of the subjects we taught, e-mail and ask us, and we'll do our best to help out. Think of it as remote mentoring.

Schedules and prices are available on request - contact us.