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Consulting Services

We provide unmatched expert consulting in the areas of Java and J2EE. We have immense practical experience in the delivery of projects for the financial, government, travel and other industries, and strive to improve our own expertise on an ongoing basis.

On consulting assignments we focus on issues relating to best practice techniques, enabling clients to build robust, transactional and secure systems. We are expert in all aspects of J2EE development, from initial requirements gathering, through system architecture, development, deployment, operation and maintainence.

We will provide consultancy services to your project or company on whatever basis best suits the situation. For instance, you may be looking to use a technology such as Struts in a new application. We will help with the initial ramp up phase, training your developers in the basic skills required, providing a series of patterns we've found useful on previous projects, and help design the application appropriately - in other words, help your project circumvent the difficult first few months of any project involving new technology. We will then be available on a regular basis throughout the course of the project to deal with any issues that might arise, without being full-time project members. This means you get all the benefit of our extensive knowledge, without the expense of employing full-time team members.