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Software Development Services

We specialise in providing full Java and J2EE software solutions for the enterprise, offering both on-site and off-site development services so high-quality applications and prototypes can get developed. This allows our clients to concentrate on their own business expertise, while we develop part or all of their application. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality end-product, taking ownership of and treating each project as though it were for our own use.

As a result of vast experience acquired in the development of a wide variety of Java and J2EE based applications, we have identified some of the key issues which continuously arise in such projects, regardless of the server technology selected. From this, we have developed, and are continuing to refine with each project, a robust development process, framework and platform, to allow for rapid development of quality J2EE systems.

This includes :

The Good Software Company is committed to deploying solutions using open, vendor-neutral, cross platform industry standards to ensure the highest degree of flexibility, interoperability, choice, market opportunity and support for new technology. Our systems are built using J2EE (which includes Enterprise Java Beans, Java Server Pages, JavaMail, Java Message Service, Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC), Servlets, and Java Beans/components), XML, HTTP/S, and HTML technologies.

The open, abstracted layer design of our systems also allows us to have application server and database independence. This way as vendor products evolve, our clients can easily employ a new server product within their architecture for increased capability. This protects both our clients and us from the single vendor dependence issues.

Our development philosophy is based on building open standard, vendor independent, best-of-breed technologies that adapt easily to technological change. We are an experienced, reuse-driven software engineering group employing solid engineering principles, process, organization and strategy. We stress robustness, flexibility, reliability, scalability and reuse in every aspect of our technology. This equates to a faster time to market, fewer bugs, and lower maintenance costs which results in a stronger value proposition to our clients.