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The Good Software Company - specialists in Java and J2EE

The Good Software Company is a young, dynamic Software Engineering organisation focusing on Object Oriented technologies, specialising in the provision of the highest quality Java and J2EE development services. We leverage our vast experience in developing Java and J2EE systems to deliver high-quality systems suitable to our client's business needs.

Java technology is a highly industrious, platform independent, object oriented programming language that natively supports portability and distributed processing. The Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) extends this powerful language for the rigorous requirements of developing multi-tier enterprise applications. Leveraging the J2EE gives The Good Software Company an advanced platform on which to implement scalable and reliable enterprise applications.

Because of its flexible run time environment, Java allows freedom in choosing the best hardware and operating systems to support our software application needs. The native Java framework gives software developers a rich set of APIís and functionality to utilize. This, along with leveraging Java enabled application servers such as JBoss and Tomcat, allows us to offer superior products in less time and at less cost to our customers.

Our systems are designed and implemented from the ground up to be highly scalable and available, and these qualities are treated as just another system requirement. donít treat performance or scalability issues as an afterthought; rather we continuously refine and test these qualities from the start to ensure delivered applications meet all expectations. Our applications not only scale to meet the demands of high transactions, spike activity and concurrent users, but also ensure maximum 24x7 uptime.

Basing our applications on J2EE application servers gives us access to key services such as transactions, state, persistence, security, fail over and load balancing. We leverage these services for consistent and reliable performance. Our object-oriented approach gives us the flexibility to modify components for custom behaviour without risking the reliability of the core code. And our security model can include support for 128-bit encryption, Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) 4.0, digital certificates (X.509v3), firewalls, and real time monitoring.

We design our applications around a layered architecture to provide a clean separation between the client presentation layer (user interface) and the server-based application-processing layer. This gives us greater flexibility in both modifying the user interface and supplying multiple delivery channels without impact on the core business logic. Because of this, flexibility can be achieved without core business code modifications, extensive testing or risk of creating instabilities within the system.

To find out more about The Good Software Company and how we can help with your Java and J2EE development needs, contact us.